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Jing-Jhun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., based on the concept of preventive healthcare, insists on selecting "safe," "quality," "fresh," and "healthy" nutritional supplement brands. We act as agents and distributors for health products that comply with the GMP standards of Germany, Europe, Japan, and other countries. In recent years, due to factors such as lifestyle stress and busy work schedules, many people in the country have experienced an imbalanced or disruptive nutritional intake, leading to various chronic diseases such as imbalances in blood lipids, immunity, gastrointestinal tract, and liver function. In today's rapidly developing economy, more people are starting to focus on the quality of life concerning physical, mental, and spiritual health. They also recognize the necessity for timeously supplementing nutrients to maintain their body’s balance. In recent years, the health supplement market has grown by approximately 5% annually, indicating the gradual popularization of the concept of preventive healthcare among the public and the emphasis placed on daily health maintenance.
Our company provides functional health products from advanced manufacturing countries such as Germany, Europe, and Japan. These products adhere to relatively strict quality standards and comply with GMP’s quality standards. Jing-Jhun upholds the principles of "integrity management, professional innovation, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction" and strictly adheres to health authority-certified and qualified dietary supplements. Our goal is to provide our wide customer base with premium-quality products and services that prioritize health, naturality, and safety. We have garnered substantial support and recognition from our valued customers. "Customers’ health, Jing-Jhun's expectation" has always been our steadfast goal, and we hope to contribute to creating a healthy and bright future for the health market and the general public.
The Jing-Jhun Biotechnology Company primarily promotes its products through clinics, pharmacies, organic specialty stores, organic health stores, beauty and skincare salons, and styling salons. Our company currently offers a diverse range of product series and warmly invites queries and visits from distributors of all regions. We also warmly invite individuals with experience or interest in the health supplement industry to join us.
Jing-Jhun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has completed the food industry registration numbers: A-124777136-00000-5 and A-124777136-00001-6 and holds a pharmaceutical business license: Health Pharmacist in Taipei City No. 620109J127. Our business scope includes medical equipment, covered by a product liability insurance from Shin Kong Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (Policy Number: 130111AKP0000188).
We welcome pharmacies, clinics, organic chain stores, organic health stores, beauty and skincare salons, and styling salons nationwide. If you require any related services, please send your queries via phone or email. Jing-Jhun Biotech Company cares about the health of your entire family, and we appreciate your support and guidance.

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